Why every startup should be mission-driven, not problem-driven?

What is the driving force of a successful startup? Is it the passion to solve problems and innovate OR the drive to find answers to questions bigger than us. Most startups today are either product-driven or customer-driven. They focus on building great products and fostering customer experiences.

Simon Sinek’s TED talk How great leaders inspire action resonated with us. We knew we were missing something — we needed to find our WHY.

Inspired by Simon Sinek’s TED Talk, we set out to find the core purpose. We tested the golden circle for Radium Reads.

What: Radium is an index of startup articles to build and grow your startup.

How: Radium curates the best startup articles from experts who shared their experiences.

Why: Radium wants to help entrepreneurs succeed in their journey.

The answer is simple — we want to help others succeed.

And that’s our mission: “Help entrepreneurs succeed”

As entrepreneurs, we often connect and build new professional relationships. We are passionate about sharing ideas, expertise and learnings throughout the startup journey.

We are committed to help entrepreneurs succeed and be a mission-driven startup. This will help us focus and stay true to ourselves.

What drives your startup? What’s your mission?

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