What’s Your Pitch? A Picture-Perfect Introduction

Picture Perfect Introduction

What Exactly Do You Want To Know About Me?

I called it the picture-perfect introduction. It started about three years ago with information about what I valued most. It was all about travel, motivational quotes and photos of places or food that I loved.

Picture Perfect Introduction: 2019 Div Manickam

How Much Is Too Much Information To Share?

When I shared my picture-perfect intro with my new team, I was encouraged to see that everyone created their own picture-perfect introduction and brought so many different aspects of their lives together. They were not just about work but also included their families and communities, and that inspired me.

Picture Perfect Introduction: 2020 Div Manickam

Simplicity and Storytelling

Simplicity is key, and mastering the art of storytelling has always been a fascinating process to me. This is my way of testing storytelling skills. How can I captivate the audience so they’re curious to learn more? What makes me truly me?

Different Strokes

I just have one starting point to my story, and it can take different forms. There’s no perfection. It’s just about me in the moment or flow, if you will.

Discipline and Checkboxes

I’ve loved collages since I was little, and I keep things clean and tidy. Discipline is ingrained in me.

  1. Boxing my life story into elements like education, work, family, community and travel.

How Can I Be Authentic, Be Myself and Not Worry About What Others Think?

Create your story, a.k.a., picture-perfect introduction. Enjoy creating your narrative in a picture-perfect or less-than-picture-perfect way. Be you.

How To Get Started

Be your authentic self and include both professional and personal stories in your picture-perfect introduction.

  • For a networking event or presentation, think about the audience and include motivational quotes or pictures that tell a little bit more about you than just your job title and company.
  • For the first meeting with your team at a new job, think about how to build compassion within your team by opening up and sharing personal stories.

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