Travel : Leap forward and find your next adventure

Travel is mesmerizing, it takes you to another home, a place you thought you knew. I am a foodie exploring the world around the corner, cherishing the beauty of places, things and people everywhere.

  • Every day is precious, how do we make the most of it?
  • How many cities or countries do we get to travel?

Looking at photos or videos online vs living in the city is beyond words and definitely breathtaking.

Everybody loves to travel and there are choices to make. Always leap forward and find your next adventure. You never know what you discover — around and within!

Believe and be inspired to travel around the world. Your perspective changes, you look at things differently and realize what is most important to you.

I am lucky to live in the most amazing city in the world - San Francisco,where the world has come together to be the best - from Little Italy, to China Town, to Japan Town to name a few. Culinary miracles can be found here from across the blue waters. Just as noteworthy as the seafood, are culinary treasures such as the tacos, ramen, pho and korean bbq.

Enjoy the world - a glimpse at every moment & a bite at a time.

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