Every now and then, I feel meetings have gotten the best of me and I barely have time to do real work.

As I took on my new role in Jan 2018, I realized 10months later (a bit late... but better late than never, right?) I spent my hours/days/weeks in meetings to the point where there are no more actual work days.

As I started to reflect back: I had a choice to make, continue the same pattern and complain about meetings or do something about it. One of my managers at a startup had encouraged our team to block off one day “No Meeting Wednesday”. It was our day for focused, heads-down, actual work. Brilliance at its best.

Before I could encourage my team, I wanted to take this on a test drive with No Meeting Wednesday. I blocked off my calendar and hope one day that our teams and company can do the same.

At first, it sounded impossible, but at least now I have a day to think versus sporadic 30min if any between meetings to catch up.

And there are others who have benefited from the same idea:

Try it out and let me know your thoughts.

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