Mindfulness at Work: Finding balance while working from home

Mindfulness — Remember
Mindfulness — Remember
Mindfulness at Work

Let go and breathe.

Work can feel overwhelming, and we may forget to send ourselves messages of kindness and compassion. This year has been tough for everyone. So, how do we change our thinking and mindset? How do we make room for open conversations in order to be truly heard and free to be ourselves at all times? Psychological safety and trust go a long way. Each one of us aspires to be part of something bigger than ourselves — to belong.

Minimize constant meetings and distractions.

Constant notification alerts for meetings and the continuous flow of emails into your inbox can leave little room for productive work and creativity. Here are a few of the disciplined actions I take to focus at work despite the distractions:

  1. I schedule dedicated time to focus every day to avoid the “where did my day go?” scenario. I still struggle with saying no to meetings when I am double-booked, but my focus time in my calendar has been a blessing. My best creative thinking and productivity happens in the morning from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. I try not to schedule meetings during that time block unless there isn’t a better choice; it’s the exception, not the norm.
  2. I also limit my number of meetings in a day. Ask yourself, is four to five hours of meetings a good balance between meetings and productive work
  3. Set an agenda and purpose for every meeting. I am often surprised at how few people take the time to include an agenda for meetings and then expect participants to assess the priority of discussion items themselves.
  4. For me, Wednesday is “no-meeting Wednesday.” Instead, it’s “learning Wednesday.” I commit to not scheduling meetings and mark my calendar as OOO.

Respect your team’s time boundaries.

Having a global team helped me think more about respecting one another’s time boundaries. When you schedule meetings, show that you genuinely care about the well-being of the invitees.

Practice resilience and self-care.

When we find ourselves questioning our values and purpose, it can be challenging, especially if we continue to self-criticize without giving ourselves a break. Short breaks of five minutes after every 90 minutes or so can help disrupt your laptop fatigue. Stroll around the room, refill your water bottle or stretch.

“We are not the survival of the fittest. We are the survival of the nurtured.”

We are all part of a global community in this world. We are here to help one another be our best selves, not what others expect us to be. Let’s take the time to create a mindful environment at work and within our communities.

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