Food makes us feel at home in every city

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Europe 2016 — 10 countries, 22 cities

10 countries, 22 cities each with a unique perspective, with a style that represents people, culture, architecture and nature. Mesmerized by its beauty and creativity, each stroll told a different story.

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Europe 2016–10 countries, 22 cities

What is it that international cuisine has, that brings us all together? Is it the flavor, the essence or just the idea that we all love to eat awesome food :)

Just as we enjoyed the architecture and historical sites, trying local food was top on our itinerary.

How could we visit Paris, and not try the best macaron from Pierre Hermé — the summer flavors are to die for. Or miss out on the tasty ramen at Ramen-ya Hiro in Barcelona — totally worth waiting in line for hours.

In today’s world where international cuisine has crossed horizons to meet our taste buds - whether it’s pho or belgian waffles or beignets, we love them all.

What is your favorite cuisine? or even better your favorite dish?

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