Finding a Growth Mindset in Leadership, Teams and Organizations

Growth Mindset
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It’s possible for managers to continue to be the primary contributors, but learning delegation the right way is crucial for team success as noted by Sarah Bettman, Linkage. Our role is to advance our team to the next level, and it’s important to know when to empower, motivate, guide or direct our team members to achieve business goals.

Continuous Feedback

Continuous feedback can be structured to be specific and nonjudgmental based on an individual’s task and behavior. A good framework for feedback is SBI: situation (describe where it occurred), behavior (identify action) and impact (describe result on the task).

  • Constructive feedback: Explain what the team member should do differently.

Team Strategy And KPIs

Business units usually have key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure growth and success. Setting SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound) can help a team to stay focused on the priorities, and these goals need to be relevant to the role. Our role as managers is to cascade priorities from the leadership team and establish goals to accomplish company targets. A few ways to measure team’s progress include tracking work productivity, evaluating performance and developing talent with biweekly, monthly and quarterly meetings.

Diverse Thinking

Not every team member delivers outcomes in the same way, and not every communication method is effective the first time. When you have a global team, it’s important to understand the diverse perspectives and communication styles. Understand that the dimensions of culture vary by country and region.

  • Take the time to pause for at least five seconds before you move on to the next topic of discussion.
  • Build personal connections and acknowledge holidays around the world when planning milestones and events.

Generations In The Workplace

With the increasing population of millennials and Gen Z entering the workplace, do we continue to have the same processes for recognition as we had with previous generations? How can we incentivize the younger generations?

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