Essentialism (not minimalism) for your mind, body and soul

My exploratory journey on the road to productivity and happiness with what truly matters — finding time and space with mindfulness: sleep, balanced nutrition, exercise, and memory.

Div Manickam


Essentialism for mind, body and soul

We often measure our success by the amount of things that we have — the materialistic things. Our life is much more than that, it’s the cherished memories that we hold near and dear to our hearts.

I ventured into minimalism a year ago when I read about Marie Kondo and the magic of tidying up the space and transforming your life — no clutter.

Fascinated I wanted to give it a try and realized that it wasn’t about minimalism that caught me excited, it was about essentialism — being mindful about what I have and why I have them. It made me think about my priorities about what truly matters.

Happiness is not the things that we have, so we decided to donate or trash the things that we haven’t used in a long time (3–6months). I knew this was going to be revolutionary because it was giving us the space and the time to do the things that we really care about.

It wasn’t just about the physical things: it was about making space for things, ideas and passions and being productive.

Essentialism Lifestyle: Is it for me?

When we moved from San Francisco to Raleigh NC (from a 2 bedroom to a 1 bedroom), we were meticulous and made sure we only took what we really needed. Our furniture and boxes didn’t arrive till 40 days(mover’s scam on the rise). I became creative in how I leveraged what I had. We were happy without all the things because we had just what we needed. It’s easy for us to spend on materialistic things and some say that’s why we make money, but let’s be careful on what we spend and we will be rich forever. Someday we hope to own only what we need and live an essential lifestyle in its true essence. Don’t worry! - our furniture is here now and we are not living on just boxes ;)

I probably started with essentialism but then after reading mindfulness books I found out that there was more to it.