Embracing uncertainty: Hope and faith for a better tomorrow

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Embrace Uncertainty
  1. Balancing schedules and prioritizing everything that needs to be done is an art and science that needs to discipline and mindfulness.
  2. It’s easy to get used to the daily routine until a change disrupts it. Always ask why we do what we do and the answers will open new perspectives.
  3. There is always time to connect with family and friends, we just need to prioritize and make the time. Video conferencing has made it easier to stay in touch with family and friends and make new connections with Lunch club and other communities.
  4. Long walks listening to podcasts or audiobooks have become a part of a balanced day to nourish my mind and achieve continuous learning.
  5. Avoiding social media distractions with stay focused chrome plugin was the lifesaver. A true digital detox was much needed in the world of information overload. Now I have more time to read than I had before.

Discovering the inner purpose

This time to pause was helpful to better understand and reflect on the past decade. I knew I wanted to do something more to help and serve others and I found a new passion in mentoring. When I adapted the career GROW model and personal OKRs, it was to help my team and now I’m able to help aspiring product marketers through the PMA community. It has been rewarding to say the least and I have found my inner purpose to serve others.

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Uncertainty at my doorstep

I had traveled to India on March 6th, not knowing what the months of March to May was going to be. I am fortunate to have had the time to spend with my parents and just be with them without being busy or other distractions. I got to learn more about my parents than in my entire life and I’m grateful for the time together. We bonded over the good times and they shared their lifetime experiences which I am humbled by every day — always hardworking and helping others in need.

Uncertainty and scams of 2020

It’s easy for us to get caught up in the day to day and not realize how much it impacts us. 2020 has been my year of scams. Starting with the airlines to get refunds took over 3 months after multiple calls to the airlines and my bank.

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