Customer Experience, Employee Experience and Innovation amid the Pandemic

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Resilience and Stability

Every business has had to adapt to the changes in the environment today. We have seen new policies for the safety and protection of employees. These policies have led many businesses to work toward improving employee productivity and creating ways to engage with customers via video conferencing in cases when on-site meetings were the only option before. We have been tested to experience shifts in habits and behaviors at work and proved that resilience and stability go hand in hand to achieve unparalleled growth and success.

Employee Well-Being and Self-Care

Every organization should be challenging the norm and making efforts toward improving employee well-being and self-care. It’s easy for us to be driven by business key performance indicators (KPIs), but sometimes we need to pause and ask, “Why do we do what we do today?”

Community and Belonging

Katy Tynan, Forrester analyst, recently shared her wisdom in “ The Equity Equation “ during The World Happiness Fest in November. Katy discussed how we can drive innovation with an inclusive culture and how more inclusion creates more innovation. When we pause and ask “why?” we are likely to get answers to solve any problem and become part of something much bigger than ourselves.

The Total Experience

Gartner shared its 2021 strategic technology trends report and echoed the CX and EX synergies, taking it a step further. The total experience breaks down the business silos across multi-experience (MX), CX, EX and UX. This streamlines the end-to-end experience and provides a competitive differentiator and edge in a time of dynamic change and adaptability.

Make Equanimity Your Golden Rule

We can’t control our co-workers’ actions but we can show it’s possible to do better by modeling calmness and extending equanimity and compassion. We need to find balance and peace in everything we do — in being customer-first and employee-first, working toward a people-first mindset.

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