Creativity and Flow: Finding your rhythm at work

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Productivity Versus Creativity

We all know the stories of famous hustlers who define an ideal worker as a go-getter who’s willing to sacrifice their days and nights and weekends to make it work.

Finding your Balance and Rhythm

Find the times when you perform best, and adapt your schedule to that rhythm. It’s not just about filling in the hours in the day, and especially while we’re working from home, we have the constant urge to be online and check email.

Starting Small and Leaping Forward

This may seem like a herculean task, but we have the power within us to make a small change to let the creativity within us come to light. Look at your schedule for the next week: Do you have focus time set aside for creative thinking?

  1. Make the commitment not to plan meetings during this time. This is the hardest part; I struggle with this step the most. Now, even though some days are impacted by meetings outside of my control, I make a conscious choice to have focus time.
  2. Creativity does not have a step-by-step manual, and we need to let things happen naturally. Sometimes working on a project can feel like an empty page. That’s when I go for a walk or do something totally different than the task at hand. I know my mind is doing its magic behind the scenes and putting together pieces of the puzzle to come up with an innovative solution.
  3. Take the time to rest, recover and recharge, and don’t allow burnout to be the norm. We need to be our best selves and give our very best to whatever project we have at hand. This means we need to be able to focus and not multitask or juggle multiple priorities at once.
  4. Share your small wins — if we truly believe in redefining how we work, we can all do our part to make this a reality. Nothing is impossible; our creative minds will guide us once we set this direction for ourselves and for the future of work for everyone.

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