Creative Confidence

Div Manickam
4 min readJul 26, 2023

Finding your voice within …

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Where and how do we gain confidence?

Is it only when you have enough experience in a specific field?

Not necessarily, even a different perspective can shed light into untapped opportunities. Confidence comes knowing that you are in the right place, you belong and can add value to the discussion.

When you have a leadership meeting or executive presentation or an interview, take a deep breath and look at how far you have come. Not every journey is the same and we can all appreciate the diversity of perspectives and varied lenses shining light onto the problem and opportunity at hand. Be agile and open in receiving ideas.

  • Make sure you have done your homework — due diligence is key to knowing your numbers and assessing the context of the problem/challenge.
  • Outline the key stakeholders and core teams involved in the decision. A RAPID framework can provide clarity and focus in decision making.
  • Present the solution and alternatives, risks and opportunities with a growth mindset.

Lead the conversation

We don’t need all the answers. We need the right frameworks to carry the conversation forward. We need the confidence to lead the way and be comfortable with the unknown.

Sharing the portfolio roadmap prioritization and RAPID frameworks that helped guide the direction and focus the discussion with leadership.

Portfolio Roadmap Prioritization

Understanding what your core stakeholder interests are will ensure a smooth delivery. Try to connect with the core team early on in the process and seek input and feedback. If this is the first time, they are seeing the presentation or proposal, they may be adverse to the idea.

Bring folks into the process early on. Remember the IKEA effect: Labor leads to love. We are more aligned if we are part of the process versus when we are informed of the outcome/decision and its impact on our day to day projects at work or life.

Stakeholder and Leadership Alignment

Be your authentic voice