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Why do we need Demos and Product Tours?

Let’s look at a customer journey — I just downloaded an asset and I am not sure if I need your solution.

What is the first touchpoint when someone gives an email to access a gated asset?

We probably add them to a nurture campaign and email a few related assets, without asking if they are interested in the content as part of their research or if they are evaluating the product as a potential solution.

We are all inundated with automated nurture emails, so, how do we do better to engage with our audience?

Perhaps they only gave the email to read an article to build awareness and research on the market. It would be helpful if there is an option to only download the article and not get emailed every other day only to unsubscribe at a later date.

We as marketers need to be mindful of our customer’s time and effort, and introduce new users to the company and find out why they signed up in the first place. Get them excited about their discovery and why they need to explore and have a conversation. That’s where demos and product tours fit.

A great demo or product tour walks you through the aha / wow moments. Make sure to highlight only 2 or 3 value based features that resonate with the customer needs. Each value acts as a trigger to the next connection and that’s the true art of storytelling. Focus on the single message takeaway and don’t overwhelm them with the product. They are only getting to know you.

This is the first post in the series on the art of storytelling and customer journey. Stay tuned for the next post on how to engage your audience in the next step in the customer journey — Learn.

What experiences do you resonate with? How do you craft stories to connect with your target audience in the discovery phase?

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