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Inspire | Influence | Impact

Candidate Experience Reimagined. Sharing best practices and templates on Hiring, Interview, Onboarding and Career Growth for Portfolio Marketing & Management.

Jack Kornfield — Busyness of the world

Hiring/Interview -> Onboarding -> Career Growth

Thich Nhat Hanh — Live the actual moment

Habit is mindless | Ritual is mindful

Turn your Habits into Rituals! Habit is mindless | Ritual is mindful

What habits do you want to drop and what habits do you…

May is Mental Health Awareness and Mental Wellness month, so let’s raise a toast to the Fearless.

Meet the Council.

  • Negative Nancy…

Dalai Lama quote: Love and compassion for all.
  • A divide between people who are healthy and safe vs people who got impacted by Covid-19. Those who got the vaccine and those who cannot or don’t have the option to get the vaccine.
  • A divide between countries who are able to provide vaccines to their citizens vs countries that are struggling.

Equanimity at work, life and everything in between

Equanimity and Non-judgment

Be a Smile: Cameron Village, Raleigh, NC

Creativity and Flow

One Day at a time

Picture Perfect Introduction

Div Manickam

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