2023 Personal OKRs

Div Manickam
6 min readDec 8, 2022
Unsplash - Div Manickam

What manifested in 2018, is now a ritual at the end of the year to reflect on meaningful work and how to shape the year ahead. It’s about setting the right intention as we get ready to welcome 2023!

Wishing you success in whatever you do or don’t do in 2023!

Feels like 2022 came and went by in a flash. Perhaps when you are doing what matters and enjoying every bit of the journey, seeing everything with childlike awe and inspiration, you are in the creativity zone aka flow, as defined by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

I am learning to let go and create space for new opportunities. With commitment and focus, I am able to work collaboratively, channel the right synergies and discover new elements within me.

2022 Highlights to share with y’all:

  • Mentor 5000+ minutes, 10+ countries, 50+ mentees
  • Product Marketing — Blessed to teach PMMC Core to 400+ students globally (North America, Europe, Australasia). Amazed by the Scholar program.
  • Self-published 4 books (ebook, print and audiobook formats) — enjoyed every step in the creative process.
  • Read 100+ books — bonded with ideas and perspectives with authors.

To build on the reflection for the year on what worked or didn’t work in 2022, I will use a simple framework — Start, Stop, Continue.

  • Start — Discovered my moonshot goal for 2023 — Mentor and travel the world. (read my story below on vision design with David Medina.)
  • Stop — Focus on 3 Key results, vs the 10 that I had in 2021–22. This will give me the clarity to do meaningful work.
  • Continue — I love what I do and I am committed to continue my ikigai as a Mentor and Explorer around the world. The little joys of life!

Each year continues to shape the following year and there is pure joy in gaining clarity to focus on what matters.

As I look into the horizon, there is an excitement to seek an uncharted path into the unknown. To see freedom in the eyes and embrace the good, the bad and the ugly.

Each one on this list is intentional and I am moving back to just 3 vs 10 from 2021.

Live a meaningful life, mindfully and be fully